Trump is Asking for Backlash from Canadians

Throughout the Covid-19 fiasco, I’ve kept quiet.  Every day I’ve watched Prime Minister Trudeau give his 11:15 press conference, modeling effective behaviours of social distancing, self-isolating, and not being tested for the virus because he remains asymptomatic.  I’ve thought to myself how his drama background prepared him for this daily exhibition of compassion and sincerity.  I have also watched the follow-up conference of a variety of Canada’s national Ministers eloquently offer transparent information and skillfully respond to questions.  Regardless of one’s politics, this team has done a good job.  

On the other hand, I have also watched the nightmare unfold south of the border.  Thank goodness most States seem to have strong leadership in their Governors.  They have a tough road ahead and they are seemingly approaching their task with a sense of urgency.  Their national leadership, unfortunately, does not serve Americans well.  It seems Trump has little sense of ‘team’ and doesn’t heed the advice of experts.  Little Donnie Trump couldn’t have done very well in kindergarten.  He never learned how to share. 

This week Mr. Trump (he’s no President) has tried to invoke the Arms Export Control Act on 3M to prevent them from shipping N-95 masks to Canada.  Ontario Premier Doug Ford glared into the camera as he expressed his disappointment in Trump, while our ever-polite Prime Minister Trudeau says, “It would be a mistake to create blockages or reduce the amount of back and forth trade of essential goods and services, including medical goods across our border.”  Don’t let their stoic demeanor fool you. They are infuriated.  Canadians are enraged. 

Nor does Donnie Trump have a very good memory.  He’s seemingly forgotten how the Canadian Embassy sheltered and saved the lives of Americans during the 1980 Iran Hostage Crisis.

Trump has forgotten when Gander, Newfoundland allowed 37 diverted flights during 9/11 and housed some 6700 people.  He’s also forgotten the many times Canadian firefighters have helped the United States fight wildfires. 

Maybe Trump isn’t aware that thousands of Canadian nurses and healthcare workers cross into the United States daily and are continuing to do so during the Covid-19 crisis.  Even though many of them are returning home sick, the remainder continue to risk their lives to save Americans.  They don’t see them as Americans.  They see them as people who are in need, and we Canadians help others in need. 

Even though some Canadians were disgruntled when we sent China masks several weeks ago, they have reciprocated by sending us masks and other medical equipment this week.  See?  The Chinese know how to play nice. 

3M has a large presence in Canada with its London, Ontario headquarters employing 1800 staff.  Here in Canada they make abrasives, adhesives, automotive parts and even personal protective equipment…just not N-95 masks.  As someone who worked with large international companies during my career, I can tell you than most folks don’t really see it as ‘Canadian’ or ‘American’ when they are employed by these companies.  Therefore, I’m not surprised and very pleased at 3M’s initial response to Trump indicating there were humanitarian implications and possibly even…retaliation.   

So, let’s say the gloves come off.  We’ve been nice ‘til now.  It would start with trade stoppage.  Many countries don’t realize that Canada could be self-sufficient.  We’d have some adjustments to make, but Canada would fare just fine.  Most of what we import is because we don’t want to pay the transit costs to take our products across our vast country – it’s cheaper to import them from the U.S.  I’m always amazed that we import lettuce from California when Quebec and Ontario grow perfectly good lettuce.   

I wonder, though, how many Americans (particularly Donnie Trump) realize how much they rely on our products including fuel, hydro, etc.  What about natural resources?  What about water?  Canada has the third largest renewable water supply in the world.  We’d have a definite battle over the Great Lakes, but what about the Milk River that flows into the Missouri River, and the Columbia River that flows from British Columbia into Washington State, and others?  We’ve got the resources that Americans need!  Those 3M N-95 masks were even made with pulp from Canada! Canada and the United States have shared forever. We are brothers and sisters in disasters.

Mr. Trump, you don’t want to start this fight.  Someone, please, talk some sense into him! 

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  1. I appreciate your insight into the evolving US/Cdn relationship. I’ve followed several of your posts and respect your knowledge but I disagree on several points for this one. You are absolutely correct, Trump is a bully and is successful due to the size of his stick and his outrageous punishment to anyone he dislikes. But, I disagree that Canada will initiate any backlash. His unhinged, threatening personality has and will continue to intimidate and prevent that. I also do not think we are capable of going it alone, Our defence capabilities are a testament to our reliance on the US. What I would like Trudeau to do is instead of selling our pulp to the US we take a position to barter an exchange. Offer Trump, ‘x’ tons of our pulp in exchange for ‘x’ number of N95 masks. Let him know if he doesn’t want the deal we will make similar offers to other countries but as our neighbour, he is getting the right of first refusal. Not only isn’t it a blatant retaliation, I think Trump could spin that with a few exaggerations (lies) as to how “he” made it happen. Sadly I am also concerned that American people unlike the 3M CEO and many other citizens, too many actually support this. Trump’s approval rating improved after taking this position. I know I am way out of my league here, but couldn’t help presenting my opinion as flawed as it might be 🙂


    1. Thank you for expressing your opinion. My rant was more from the emotion of “if I were a mean kid, this is how I’d react” and really what I think Canada should or will do. I never did do well with bullies in the schoolyard – I was the one that would turn the other cheek, run and hide. I totally agree that Canada will not initiate backlash. I’m not typically a political writer, but this got me riled. Our reaction has always been to ‘take the high road’. I’m sure you’ve noticed how Trudeau continues to avoid taking the bait when pressed by the media, much the same as he did during the NAFTA trade talks. You and I will never be flies on the wall during negotiation discussions, so we’re unlikely to discover their intricacies.


      1. I liked your rant and encourage you to keep it up. You say what a lot of us feel, Trump is a terrible human being. His actions infuriate and frustrate all of us. Your rant sparks thoughts, ideas and alternatives and that is goodness at a time when we can all use it. Keep it up, maybe we can’t poke the bear, but we can sure express our desire to.


  2. I am 100% in agreement with all you say. We have always considered you Canadians our closest allies, and it was long our belief that we worked together. Sadly, Donnie Trump (you are perfectly right not to refer to him as ‘president’, for he isn’t), has a single purpose … his own self-enrichment. On behalf of my fellow U.S. citizens, we apologize for the fools who put this buffoon in the White House. You are our friends, our allies, and we truly hope that once this reign of terror ends, we will still be friends. Thank you for this post reminding us of things we should never forget … do you mind if I re-blog tomorrow?


    1. Jill, I would be honored if you re-blogged this. You know I am not a political writer, but this situation got to my emotions. My only hope is that those ‘fools’ recognize how his slow reaction to this horrible pandemic likely cost many lives and react at the polls. Don’t worry. We are still friends.

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Donald Trump’s “America First” policies have always been a sore spot for me … this nation is just one part of a bigger picture and we are all in this world together … we must interact and help each other when we can. Trump doesn’t understand that in order to HAVE a friend, you must first BE a friend. Today, I would like to share the viewpoint of one Canadian friend. Thank you, Hindsight, for sharing your thoughts, and for allowing me to share them with my readers.


      1. My pleasure! I think it’s important that the people of this country see/hear how our friends and allies view us, and occasionally I solicit guest posts from readers in other nations for that purpose. Yours was a good piece.


  4. I ran across your post after discovering it via Jill’s blog. I consider her a dear friend and so I often check out the additional blogs that she posts. Looking forward to following and reading more of your posts.


  5. You write that “Trump has forgotten” … IMO, the phrase would be more accurate if you have written “Trump doesn’t care.” The ONLY thing Trump gives a rat’s ass about is himself … and this is proven every time he opens his mouth or writes a tweet.

    While I support interactions between the world’s countries, I do wish some of them weren’t so dependent on the U.S. — at least not while “little Donnie Trump” is the leader.

    Great post, BTW. 🙂


  6. Linda, I am here courtesy of Jill. On top of the boorish and deceitful modus operandi of the US president, treating our allies poorly has been harmful to the nation. And, it is not just Canada. A Pew Poll said 64% of Europeans do not trust the US president. They actually trust Putin and Xi more.

    Historians will look back at this time when the US ceded a global leadership role. That makes us less secure and our allies as well.

    Trump does not nurture relationships, tending to view things through a transactional lens. Canadians deserves a better ally than this president. Keith

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      1. Thanks Linda. One of the byproducts of this person in the White House is he makes everyone weary. So, even folks who don’t normally write about politics are just tired of him and his antics.

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