Hindsight Guidelight

Welcome. What does the title mean? Hindsight because at my age one begins to reflect upon the events and experiences of one’s life, celebrate the successes and wonder what one could have done differently. Guidelight represents the concept that perhaps someone else might find hope, direction, or mere solace in my sharing some of those experiences.

I support many causes: animal rights, woman’s rights, saving our oceans and forests, preventing senior abuse, and more. I might write about some of those issues, but my main focus will be relationships – those we have with our parents, children, friends and ourselves – how we all can get along with each other.

I am a domestic abuse and violence survivor. I have written an unpublished manuscript that started as a journal 6 years ago. In my upcoming blog, there will be posts about those events and the journey I took to get away from my abuser. Some of the detail might be a little dark, but I will endeavour to keep it focused on the positive with insight and encouragement. If I can help one woman recognize that she’s in an abusive relationship, set her on a new path, or provide her guidance in making good decisions, then my mission will be accomplished.

However, being a survivor neither defines who I am nor limits the ideas I have to share with others. I plan on writing about many topics that will likely interest women of all backgrounds and ages.

Professionally I have been a salesperson, manager, life skills coach, teacher, curriculum writer and realtor. I have also served on the Board of Directors of the London Abused Women’s Centre. Personally I have been a wife, step-mother, and full-time caregiver. I’ve had many opportunities, some successes, and a few failures. Eventually, I will write about most of them.

I welcome your positive input. Be safe.

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