105 Days In and I’m Angry

Where l live, we’re 105 days into lockdown from the pandemic. Although we’re slowly re-opening, with caution; it’s obvious that we’re not going to see ‘normal’ any time soon.

I haven’t written a lot lately, perhaps because I’m not in a real positive place. I’m tired. I’m tired of 2020. I want 2019 back, or 2021 to be here. I just don’t like 2020. While all of my emotions are close to the surface, the one that I find most difficult to control lately is anger.

On a small scale, I’m angry at the local fool who, even though wearing a mask is mandatory, goes to the grocery store without one and then mouths off because she’s not allowed inside. I’m angry at the halfwit Canadian politicians who can only criticize our leaders’ efforts to minimize and control Covid-19; which they’ve done, by the way, quite effectively.

On a larger scale I’m angry at the violence of some police against marginalized populations – in Canada it’s against Indigenous Peoples just as often if not more than Blacks. I’m angry at ignoramus claims that “All Lives Matter” as a retort to “Black Lives Matter” – they just don’t get it. I’m angry at any buffoon who thinks Trump is doing a good job. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief and pray that they change their minds before the U.S. election.

Right now, at this moment, I am most angry at what is happening in the United States vis-à-vis the Covid-19 Pandemic. Come on! Take a look at what the results of your actions are! In one day, look at the new daily cases for June 24th statistics:

  • Florida (21.5 million pop.) 5,508
  • Texas (29 million pop.) 5,489
  • Arizona (7.3 million pop.) 3,592
  • Canada (37.5 million pop.) 279

Canada and other countries have managed this virus by staying at home, washing our hands frequently, socially distancing, and wearing masks when we cannot. Although we were slow, in some areas, to test; we are now testing the general population. The results in my home city of Windsor is less than 1% – and this is a city where over 6,000 Canadian nurses have crossed the border every day to work in Detroit hospitals.

I don’t think that Americans are less intelligent than Canadians, so why have they not figured out the action/result connection? I think it’s got to do with compliance. Canadians are known as more polite, more easy-going, selfless, and, yes, even compliant. Because we’re polite, I won’t say what many worldwide are thinking about Americans right now. Just read between the lines and look up the antonyms of polite, easy-going, selfless and compliant. You’ll get the drift.

Right now, Canadians are scared. We’re afraid that the sheer massive numbers of Covid-19 cases will somehow cross the border from the United States and start wave 2 of the pandemic in this country. We love you. We’ll do (and have done) anything for you. Please mask up and stay home! Please do this for your Canadian brothers and sisters.

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